After Market Products.

If You are looking for aftermarket new parts,you are kindly requested to give us a fax or an email mentioning original parts numbers(OEM)name of spares, quantity of each if available and engine model etc., as extracted below.

for example1for example2
Maker BrandIsuzu 6-tonnerCanter
Engine ModelDA1204M50
OEM Parts Number 9-8852-0064-4ME-515796
Stock numberIMKT900644NW-2980
DescriptionsCylinder Liner KitClutch Plate
Chassis ModelTXFE
Quantity10 kits10 Pcs

--About Restriction--
This is an offer being subject to prior approval from the manufacturers regarding the final destination.

--New genuine parts or new OEM parts--
The purchaser is requested to give us the following informations,

1.Original parts No. O.E.M No
2.Parts name
4.Request payment by T.T.
5.Engine model
6.Car model

--About supplies of used parts--
According to an indefinate availability of used parts, it is advisable that you should consider to accept brandnew parts in the case when you need urgency.

--About supplies of recycled parts--
In case of un-re-useable small parts like Suspension Bushing, Hydraulic brake rubbers,etc..,they are not the ones that can be recycled for reuse but you are able to use brandnew replacements of pure Japanese origin.

Products List

Hydraulic Brake Parts
Spark Pulg Wire Set
Steering Suspention Linkage Parts
Engine Gaskets
Oil Filter,Air Filter,Fuel Filter
Oil Seals
Clutch Discs and Covers
Water Pumps,Universal Joint
Brake Pads
Fuel Pumps
Engine Timing Parts
Carbon Brushes
Piston Rings
Engine Metals
Engine Valves
Radiator Caps,
Carbretor Kit
Front Suspension Bushing
Voltage Regulator
Ignition Coil
Cylinder Liner Kit
Wheel Bearing